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Appointment Book


Book Ezy Appointment Book Overview.

Add Service

How to: Add a service to an existing appointment.

Appointment Status

How to: change the appointment status in Book Ezy.

Client Forward Appointments

How to: Print Client’s forward appointments in the appointment book

Client Checkout

How to: Check a Client out in Book Ezy.

Client No Records

How to: Enter visit information for clients that have been checked out.

Client SMS Chat

How to: Direct SMS Chat to a Client on Book Ezy

Copy n Place

How to: Copy and Place appointments.

Cut n Place

How to: Cut and Place appointments.

Hours Overview

Overview of the Edit Hours for Book Ezy

Make an Appointment

How to: Make an appointment in Book Ezy.

Normal Hours

How to: Enter Normal hours for Book Ezy.

Quick App Tray

Quick appointment tray functions and menu.

Roster Begin Next

How to: Begin the next roster in Book Ezy.

Roster End Current

How to: End a current Roster in Book Ezy so a New one can be entered.

Roster New Multi Week Cycle

How to: Enter a new Multiple week roster cycle.

Roster New 1 Week Cycle

How to: Enter a new 1 week roster cycle for Book Ezy

Staff Message

How to: Leave a Staff message on the appointment book.


Client Records

Client Details and Records overview.

Cash Register / Point Of Sale


Cash Register Overview

Cash Up Process

Cash Up Process for End of Day.

Multi Op Multi Client

How to: Cash Register. Multiple operators and multiple clients in one…

One Scan One Click

How To: Cash Register Fast and Ezy simple product sale.

Service and Product

How To: Cash Register sale with one operator, service and product.


Employee New

How to: Enter a New Employee / Operator


Cost Calc% Product Bin Items

To be able to use 1 PLU for Items in a Bin that have various prices.

Printing Stock Barcodes

How To: Print Stock Barcodes

Service Price Change

How To: Change Service Pricing.

Stock Take – Manual Process

Procedure to do a manual Stock Take.


Menu Overview

Overview of the Wages Menu.

End Of Week

How to: Finalise the week wages with End of Week

Edit Hours

How to: Enter hours for Wages

Employee Setup

How to: Setup the employees for wages

Final Pay

How to: Do Final pay for Employees.

Week Summary

How to: Generate Wages Week summary.

GST - General Sales Tax

GST Percentage Change

How To: Change the GST or VAT % in Salon Ezy

Printing Stock Barcodes

How To: Print Stock Barcodes

Service Price Change

How To: Change Service Pricing.